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There are several ways to summon Djinn, but, I have found this to be the most effective way, by far, as it is the only summoning spell that is customizable to allow its caster to summon a specific Djinn, instead of just the nearest one passing. Although you are now the rightful owner of this spell, and thus, you can do with it as you wish, I urge you to use its amazing powers only for good and noble purposes,and to help put positive energy back into the universe.

I will break this spell down into several“steps” in an attempt to make it easier to understand, but, first, I wish to give you a very brief explanation of what the Djinn really are, on the chance that you are a beginning Djinn master, and have little knowledge of the Djinn and their ways.When God created the universe, the ground gave birth to Man, the light to the Angels, and the Fire to the Djinn.

The Djinn live neither in our world, nor the world of the Angels, but they live in a dimension of their own that lies between the two worlds. This allows them to travel freely between the 3 dimensions. Usually they prefer to remain unseen by human eyes, even the eyes of their master.
However, Djinn are perfectly able to manifest in physical form to appear to Man, either by choice, or sometimes on accident, and, often, once a master has proven themselves to be patient and respectful of the Djinn, the Djinn will decide to appear to his master.Before you begin the actual spell, it is important for you to understand the differences between the real

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